Updated list of Top Best US Immigration Lawyers in Nigeria

Updated list of Top Best US Immigration Lawyers in Nigeria-The United States on daily basis gain a constant inflow of people who desire to either live, work, and to study within the areas in her borders, and the US immigration lawyers in Nigeria are saddled with the role of helping individuals, families, and businesses to scale through the complex immigration pathways from Nigeria to the US. Do you need an immigration lawyer to travel to the United States from Nigeria or are you searching to learn more about the top US immigration lawyers to consult in Nigeria? We have you covered, explore our list below:

Take a glass of wine as you digest our list of the top best US immigration lawyers in Nigeria:

Top Best US Immigration Lawyers in Nigeria

Paschal Nwokocha

He was a former Assistant Attorney General in Minnesota. Paschal Nwokocha is top when it comes to the ranking of US immigration lawyers in Nigeria, he experienced EB-5 attorney with over twenty 20 solid years in the U.S Immigration Law. He also published and wrote extensively articles on U.S. immigration laws. Well represented and known in the state Supreme Court, his peers in the United States also recognize him for his deep-rooted knowledge, service and his advocacy on the facets of U.S. immigration laws.

 Prospective clients seeking to connect with him will have the opportunity to get a private meeting , one hour consultation to discuss their U.S Immigration, the processes involved and the anticipated changes, to mention but a few .

  • His Nigeria Number to get to him is 0806 551 2558
  • His US Office Number is 612 465 0060
  • Reach him on WhatsApp at +0806 551 2558
  • Email address : paschal@paschal-law.com

Primera Africa Legal 

This top immigration lawyer/firm in Nigeria operates the immigration law department that help clients who are facing various immigration challenges in Nigeria , such as problems that have to do with residency permits, work permits, and even in their visa application stages.

3 Amadi & Associates:

Amadi & Associates is a very popular law firm in Nigeria and they are known for expertise in immigration law. They are offering  comprehensive legal services especially as relates to US visas, work permits, citizenship, and in the area of immigration compliance .

Hermon Barristers & Solicitors:

Hermon Barristers & Solicitors is a top US immigration lawyer in Nigeria and they specialize in immigration law by offering a wide range of services, the likes of visa applications, work permits, and all forms of immigration appeals. 

PUNUKA Attorneys & Solicitors:

PUNUKA Attorneys & Solicitors operates a top-notch immigration law practice group that offers Nigerian clients seeking to relocate to the United States, they provide advises on various immigration issues and to assist them with visa applications as well as work permits.

G. Elias & Co.:

Elias & Co. operates a full-service law firm that renders quality immigration legal services. They are franked with experienced lawyers who can lead Nigerian clients through the US immigration processes and to help with compliance issues

Adepetun, Caxton-Martins, Agbor & Segun:

This firm is made up of a team of experienced lawyers, Adepetun, Caxton-Martins, Agbor & Segun and they render immigration services to persons and corporate clients, they also render services on work permits, residence permits, and visa applications.

. Udo Udoma & Belo-Osagie:

Udo Udoma & Belo-Osagie operates a top notch Nigerian law firm that renders quality immigration law services, they offer assistance with visa applications, work permits, and they help in immigration compliance.

Jackson, Etti & Edu:

Jackson, Etti & Edu operates a well-known law firm that offers comprehensive immigration legal services to Nigerian citizens and corporate clients, covering US visa applications, work permits, and to help in their immigration compliance.

10 Sofunde, Osakwe, Ogundipe & Belgore:

Sofunde, Osakwe, Ogundipe and Belgore operates a team of reputable immigration lawyers who offer legal advice and assistance on a wide range of immigration matters.

11 Lexavier Partners:

Lexavier Partners are operating a dedicated immigration law practice group that provide services that relates to visa applications, work permits, and they also help in immigration compliance.

12 Famsville Solicitors:

Famsville Solicitors deals on immigration law and they are offering services that are related to visas, client’s work permits, residency permits, as well as immigration compliance.

13 Olaniwun Ajayi LP:

Olaniwun Ajayi LP is a well reputable Nigerian law firm that offers quality immigration legal services to clients, they also offer assistance in work permit applications, visa applications, and in the area of immigration compliance.

14  Austen-Peters & Co:

Austen-Peters & Co operates a team of quality immigration lawyers who aids clients with visa applications, work permits, and they also assist in other immigration issues.

15 Perchstone & Graeys:

Perchstone & Graeys are providing immigration law services, they offer services on visa applications, work permits, as well as legal advice

16 Herman Legal Group’s immigration attorneys

Herman Legal Group’s immigration attorneys truly cares so much about you and your loved ones, and for that reason they make it a priority to know more about you and to get all of the instances that surrounds your situation. They have immigration expert team of lawyers snd these lawyers are always available for a consultation. Surprisingly, these lawyers speaks 12 different languages, the likes of Arabic, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Amharic, to mention but a few. Lagos, Nigeria, is one of their best communities in Nigeria! 

Why You Should Hire US Immigration Lawyers in Nigeria?

  1.  They will assist you in Visa Applications and Processing
  2. Deportation Defense: If you are facing deportation proceeding or anyone you know is facing deportation proceedings, a US immigration Lawyer in Nigeria can provide legal representation and defense.
  3. A US Immigration Lawyer in Nigeria can help individuals and businesses to gain better understanding of the immigration laws and to comply with the set immigration laws to escape certain legal issues or penalties when moving to the United States . 
  4. For businesses that want to hire foreign workers or seeking to bring in international talent, a US Immigration Lawyer in Nigeria can offer guidance on the immigration processes that should be utilized.
  5. For employers seeking to recruit foreign workers, an Immigration Lawyer will offer assistance which will help to establish compliant to the immigration policies and procedure

We have provided our list of the Top US immigration lawyers in nigeria, this is not an exclusive list and we will keep it updated once handy information are gathered.

Choosing to become an immigration lawyer in Nigeria can be a rewarding career with huge earning potential. They have specialized skills and education which can as well influence your earning potential in the field.


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