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Top immigration attorney in USA -The United States on frequent basis receives a constant inflow of people who desire to either live, work, and to study within the areas in her borders, and immigration lawyers are saddled with the role of helping individuals, families, and businesses to scale through the complex immigration pathways. Do you need an immigration attorney or are you searching to learn more about the top immigration attorney to consult in the United States? Read on to explore our options.

A person’s immigration status can impact and intersect with the various legal matters the likes of family law, criminal law, business, and tax law, and your ability to getting well versed up in immigration law is paramount for attorneys who practice in those areas. Immigration lawyers can stand for their clients in administrative courts, or they may also perform counseling of clients roles on matters that affects their legal rights and obligations in terms of  immigration, to mention but a few. They are also the ones who suggest courses of action using the knowledge they have gained from immigration law. 

Take a glass of wine and digest our list of the top best immigration attorney in the USA;

Here is Our list of Top Best Immigration Attorney in USA

1 Top immigration attorney in USA – EDWARD BESHARA of Beshara Global Migration Law Firm

Edward Beshara works as the Managing Attorney of Beshara Global Migration Law Firm. Edward has rendered approvable solutions which are  successful solutions for the EB-5 investors and for their families as well, he has also anchored EB-5 projects for over the last 32 years ago . Edward Beshara belongs to the group of the IIUSA (Invest in the USA) New Investor Markets and he is also in the Best Practices Committees. He was also on the Advisory Committee list and the Task Force of the Investment Migration Council (IMC) in the Geneva Province, Switzerland. He speaks most times at the EB-5 panels, he also previously served as an adjunct professor in business immigration law at the College of Law, University of Florida. 

JESSICA DENISI of Greenberg Traurig

Jessica DeNisi works as a senior associate with the Greenberg Traurig, LLP. Jessica DeNisi is in close association with developers and investors who intend using foreign capital by utilizing the EB-5 program to provide means of fund for job-creating projects , and also for the E-2 treaty investors. Before starting the practice of immigration law, Jessica DeNisi served as a tax and business attorney. She rounded-up her undergraduate degree study at the famous Wake Forest University and she obtained a Masters of Art in Near Eastern studies from the University of Arizona. She got her JD from the Tulane University Law School and also obtained a master’s degree in taxation from the School of Law at University of Washington . 

3 MARK DAVIES of Davies & Associates

Mark Davies founded Davies & Associates, which is a law firm that can help investors and businesses who wish to relocate abroad and who wish to grow internationally. Davie worked as an investor counsel to top investment banks and financial intuitions from all the continent with exception to Antarctica. He combines the legal experience gained with an MBA on the area of real estate finance from the Wharton School of Business and his experience at ivy league law degrees from the U.S. and the UK. The Bush White House also recognized him for his service to the U.S. legal profession and  he is also recognized by the author of legislative reform proposals which was commissioned by the UK government, Davies was previously a chairman of Lawyers without Borders and he have chaired multiple other boards for both the profit organizations and the non-profit ones.

4 IGNACIO DONOSO of Donoso & Partners is one of the top immigration attorney in USA

He is the founder and the managing partner of Donoso & Partners, LLC.  Ignacio Donoso is one of the top immigration attorney in the US, he is a famous business immigration lawyer for the United States as well as for Canada. He is particularly suited for working with investors, working for technology companies, the academic field and with researchers. Donoso Ignacio career spans more than twenty (20 ) years as a lawyer, at the course of his work , he advised thousands of clients on the best ways they can go through the visa systems of the U.S. and Canada. He has been rated among the leading immigration attorneys in the U.S. in the area of entrepreneur visas for the years 2015, 2016, 2018, 2019, 2020 & 2021. He speaks mostly at national and international conferences that are focused in immigration law.

5 CHAD ELLSWORTH of Fragomen 

Chad Ellsworth who is the managing partner of Fragomen’s San Francisco office is one of the top immigration attorney in all of the United States . His practice are bent on representing a huge number of clients across industry sectors, he represents 

* global financial institutions, 

* professional services firms, 

* information technology organizations, 

* private clients, and

* entrepreneurs. He also has high-level of experience representing students, executives, HNWIs and graduates on a wide range of mobility, business travel, and business immigration matters. 

6 JOSEPH BARNETT of WR Immigration – Top immigration attorney in USA

Joseph “Joey” Barnett works in partnership with the WR Immigration. The WR immigration is a full-service immigration law firm, they have over a decade of EB-5 experience. Joseph represents immigrant investors who wish to secure permanent residency in the United States via regional centers and through direct EB-5 investment. He also stands in for U.S. developers and regional centers who wish to set up of finance projects with EB-5 capital.

7 Top immigration attorney in USA: Caro Kinsella

Caro Kinsella was birthed and brought up in Limerick, Ireland. She moved to the United States searching out for better career opportunities and for studying law practices.

She is well recognized as a U.S immigrant herself, Caro is an appraised holder of dual citizenship status of both Ireland and that of the United States of America. Top US Immigrant attorney Caro Kinsella is very much informed and understands her many clients’ needs when they face series of denial or other forms of issues in applying for U.S immigration and to gain citizenship.

8 Ms. L. Mabel Arroyo – Top immigration attorney in USA

The top immigration attorney In America , Ms. L. Mabel Arroyo is a shareholders of Nashville Firm. She is a Puerto Rican immigrant herself and based on this fact, Mabel understands the various needs and challenges that the usual non-resident immigrant face as they apply for their immigrant visa petitions prior to the administrative proceedings that are done by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services(USCIS).

Dorothy Hanigan Basmaji of the Murray Law Group

 Dorothy Hanigan Basmaji works with the Murray Law Group , she was honored with the entitlement of 2019–2020 “Lawyer of the Year” in the area of immigration law. She base and exercise her practice in cases on immigration law and in citizenship Omni disputes from the Bingham Farms of Michigan State.

10 NICOLAI HINRICHSEN of Miller Mayer – Top immigration attorney in USA

Nicolai Hinrichsen works as a partner at Miller Mayer. Hinrichsen has up to 15 years of solid experience working in EB-5 immigration. He is a representative of the regional centers and developers in designing EB-5 compliant projects either via first regional center designation applications or through partnership with the already existing regional centers. He is also a representative of individual investors who are applying to gain permanent resident status via the regional center or through the direct EB-5 investments

Final Thoughts on the Top Immigration Attorney in USA

We have provided our list of the Top immigration attorney in USA, this is not an exclusive list and we will keep it updated once handy information are gathered.

Becoming an immigration lawyer can be a rewarding career with huge earning potential. Also note that this care have specialized skills and education which can as well influence your earning potential in the field.

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