How to Get Into McCombs School of Business

How to Get Into McCombs School of Business |Acceptance Rate, Essay Tips, SAT, GRE – McCombs embeds its rigor with a passionate community, plus passion for the program.Mccombs is a reputable business school which is in the list of the prestigious business school sited in the University of Texas at Austin. It provides both undergraduate and graduate programs, with the graduate programs being a more famous option among international students.

Do you wish to get into McCombs School of Business and you are wandering all it takes to get in? Every detail on mccombs school of business average GPA, mccombs school of business SAT score requirements, mccombs school of business admission requirement, and so much more are included in this article. Please take out time to check our catalog for more information on related topics .

How many people get accepted to McCombs?

McCombs has a selective admission policy and it accepts about 6,000 students in their undergraduate, graduate, and executive education study levels. At McCombs School of Business, the admission deadline is set according to the specific programs, read on for insights about deadlines!

UT McCombs Business School at a Glance:

UT McCombs average GMAT score stands at 708
UT McCombs average GPA requirement: 3.48
UT McCombs acceptance rate: 28.5%
U.S. News ranked McCombs at the #18th position in 2023.

How hard is it to get into McCombs’ MBA program?

The acceptance rate for the McCombs is 28.5% It is vital to look out for the acceptance rate in the context of the student profile of those who are taken in . For instance, the average GMAT score stands at 708.

What is the average GMAT score To Get admission Into McCombs school of business?

The average GMAT score requirement for the incoming class at McCombs stands at 708.

Does the McCombs MBA program accept the GRE?


The McCombs MBA program has Considered the GRE for a few years now.

What is the average required GRE score for admission in McCombs Business School

The average GRE score for the incoming class at the McCombs business school is 319 total.

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What is the Mccombs Business School Acceptance Rate?

The Mccombs School of Business has an acceptance rate of about 43% (acceptance rate) to 77% (rejection rate ) each year. On the average, the Mccombs business acceptance rate stands at 28.5% This means that it May be quite hard for you as an international student to get into this school if you don’t have strong academic credentials, or if you don’t have a high English proficiency score.
The average beginning salary for students who graduate from Mccomb’s Undergraduate Program stands at $67,500 per annum after graduation, while those who come out exceptional will make more than $100,000 annually. The Mccombs School of Business also gives its students other opportunities like internships at Fortune 500 companies during their period of studying here in order to get themselves ready once they leave the four walls of the university life behind them after graduating in time with their four-year degrees from the institution.

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What is the UT McCombs MBA application timeline
  • Round 1 October 11
  • Round 2 January 5
  • Round 3 March 28
What percent of the McCombs business school MBA students are women?

The percentage of the various classes at McCombs that are women is up to 38%.

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What kind of interview does McCombs school of business use for its MBA admissions?

The McCombs interviews are by invitation. The interviews are also set to be resume-based. This implies that the interviewer has not been granted access to the application materials.

Essay Tips For McCombs School of Business?

McCombs Required MBA Essay

Picture yourself at graduation. Describe how you spent your time as a Texas McCombs MBA to achieve your personal and professional goals. (Should be 500 words maximum)

  • The key here is to tell the interviewers that Texas McCombs is the right program for you , please talk about it professionally and personally, let them know you understand the program, and tell them that you have a plan to utilize its resources productively.
  • It will be better and intuitive for many students to begin with the last part of the question first: which is your personal and professional goals, tell them what you will be doing upon passing out of the university and beyond; tell about what position?, what company? The Geographical location?, what you will be accountable for.
  • Other candidates may wish to begin by explaining their time at McCombs; perhaps you started your MBA with only a career goal in mind but your exposure there has diversified you to classes/topics, global classmates, professors, etc. And with this you have inspired a new professional focus and a better purpose. Which ever way you want to talk about it. Be specific while talking about your time in the program.
  • Tell about what academic coursework (even electives) prepared you, and state other aspects of the related academic program . Also bear in mind that you should include activities that contributed to your set goals, such as your study groups, clubs and so on. Lastly, do not forget Including some insight into the personal growth you achieved while at Texas and how this has set you for your post-MBA life.

The question in essence is just inquiring for a story , so you are free to use the story framework in Arranging the essay and choosing contents. It will make your application essay more effective by giving you the avenue to enjoy the process of forming it.

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McCombs MBA Optional Essay

If applicable, candidates are free to provide an optional statement in their application essay section during the process.

Note that Applicants are to only provide an optional statement if there is something else they want to reveal about their candidacy that is not Discussed elsewhere.

  • If you pen down the optional essay , please present information that is vital for the Admission committee to have so they can fully understand your candidacy. If you do not have any special concern to address, you could Drive into a relevant topic that is not yet addressed in your application.
  • You should Be succinct; never you take the lack of word set limits as an invitation to pen down a book of introduction. But If you believe your Application is well represented without this optional essay, that is cool; please don’t write it just for writing sake!

Application Checklist for McCombs School of Business

  • Online Application
  • Application Fee at $200
  • Test Scores (GMAT/GRE/EA, TOEFL/IELTS)
  • Official Transcripts
  • Personal Essay
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • Video Assessment
  • McCombs Admissions Connection

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What Are The Alternatives to the McCombs School of Business?

• Advertising or Public Relations available in the Moody College of Communications
• Communication and Leadership in the Moody College of Communications
• Corporate Communications in the Moody College of Communications
• Economics in the College of Liberal Arts joined with McCombs minors in Accounting or Finance
• Human Dimensions of Organizations (HDO) in the College of Liberal Arts
• Computational Engineering in the Cockerel School of Engineering
• Sports Management in the College of Education
• Arts and Entertainment Technology (AET) available in the College of Fine Arts
• Actuarial Sciences or Applied Mathematics available in the College of Natural Sciences
• Computational Physics available in the College of Natural Sciences

Frequently Asked Questions on McCombs School of Business
What is the minimum No. of years of work experience needed for admission to McCombs’ MBA program?

McCombs does not set a minimum requirement for years of work experience. However, it is crucial for candidates to be aware that they are being evaluated against other candidates with up to 5.5 years of average work experience.

Is McCombs a prestigious school to get into?

The McCombs School is in the list of the largest and most prestigious schools of business to get into in the world. Its Enrollment in Fall in the year 2015 had up to 4,638 undergraduates; and up to 1,201 MBA students; it had up to 295 Master’s in Public Accounting students; and 189 other master’s degree students; the school also had up to 103 Ph. D. candidates.

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