Big 4 Internship Acceptance Rate, Salary, Application

Big 4 Internship Acceptance Rate, Salary & Application _There are enormous benefits to gain from taking part in an internship, and one of the most pronounced reason is that internships may result to full-time employment. The Pricewaterhouse Coopers usually hires up to 92% of their interns, Ernest and Young recruits up to 90% of its interns while Deloitte employs about 73% of their interns to a resume permanent positions. In the same vein, KPMG recruits more than 90% of her new employees from their interns and Landing the besr internship opportunity at Big 4 can fulfill your dream job,very easier, so long as you are able to make a good impression during your internship period.

You may be seeking to find out the acceptance rate for the Big 4 Internships , including their Salary range and how you can possibly apply, please read on as this content will solve your queries

Is the Big 4 difficult to get into?

The Big Four accounting firms recruiters makes use of a very selective technique which is targeted at recruiting the promising young aspirants from major colleges, institutions and universities . All candidate are to ensure that they go to their respective college’s job fair and search out for representatives from these firms. It may be the right step to the valuable opportunities that awaits you.

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Big 4 Internship Acceptance Rate

As for the Big 4 Internship rate of acceptance, we will be judging the admission acceptance rate based on the available statistics from Harvard. Harvard got up to 43,330 applications for the academic cycle of 2023 and the institution only admitted about 1,950 . Which means that the rate of acceptance is barely 4.5%. For most other institutes, the acceptance rate may equates to about 11%. Regardless of the low acceptance rate, the struggle will be really worth your time as Once you are able to gain your foot in the door as one of the interns at Big 4 , your chances of securing the full-time offer you always prayed for may double dramatically.

What do I Need to Get an Internship at Big 4?

Just know that securing an internship opportunity is more like winning a Job position. Because of this fact, companies are always on the selective end and that explains why Major companies may need you to have a stellar GPA to be able to get a position as an intern, so have the below at the back of your mind if you want to get into the Big 4 Internship;

  • strive to get a GPA that is above 3.5.
  • Your level of interest; Make sure to apply for internships that you are interested in to check out more details about additional requirements which includes the accounting courses/classes that you need to pass through.
  • Your track record; from your extra-curricular track record , it will be able to make you stand out in a crowd of academically successful applicants.
  • Be informed, Get involved with serious student organizations, build good network, and job shadow and you are to let Big 4 know about your achievements in your resume. This is because While employers do not need their interns to have knowledge of everything, at least a some extra experience will be able to set you ahead of the countless applicants seeking for the same position as you and will show Big 4 the level of your motivation and willingness to learn.

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How Can One Find an Internship at Big 4 Accounting?

With thousands of accounting firms across the world recruiting interns up to a year in an advance term, you should begin thinking about which internship opportunity you should go for as early as possible.

If you want to intern at Big 4 even though you haven’t taken advanced accounting courses, you are still free to search for the right Internship and get to know more about it. At Big 4, you can make use of the below Internship Checklist

1 You have to First Define Your Goals

The most important thing to do first is to set your goals, to know if Big 4 is the company you would like to intern for and you should know the kind of internship: If it is a paid internship or unpaid, you should check the in tax or auditing. You have to bear in mind though that the internship selection is very competitive, so your options should be open.

2 Get in Talk With Your Academic Adviser

After defining your purpose, seek the assistance of your college adviser and check if you meet the general internship criteria. If your school gives off academic credits for attending internships, ensure to take a note of the criteria, as not all kinds of internships will be fit. To increase your chances of getting the Big 4 internship, the most important tool is to build good network as much as you can.

3 Make Use of Your School Resources

Consult your school’s career services and internship program, as majority of the top rated universities have close link & connections with employers in the area. You will have to Visit the career fair, make sure to join student organizations, engage in talks with the accounting faculty members after which you can introduce yourself to your potential employers through your application. If you are not flowing, You can also look out for internships online, but just know that your possibilities of securing one stands at a much better line if you are meeting the right people.

4 Contact the Firms in question

As the last option to resort, don’t waste time to contact companies that you are very much interested in. If you want to be part of the Big 4 internship ask them about their internship opportunities. All you just need is to convince them of your value and worth to the company, so we are encouraging that you make sure to do concrete research before applying.

On the other hand, there are some other paid programs that offers you a guarantee for an internship in exchange for the tuition fees. While the option is not ideal, it’s a choice you can look into if you’re having a difficult time getting an internship offer.

The Keys And Tactics to a Great Application & Interview at Big 4 Internship

When submitting application for an internship, struggle to make the best impression ( same strength as you would have put in a job application). Here are the keys things you must take note of if you wish to intern at Big 4 Accounting internship;

  • Make sure the resume in your application reflects your key skills, your academic record, and the work experience you have got. Whether your experience is not really accounting-related, it is good that you make mention of them as it may served as a source of transferable skills.
  • If you have gained any skill or you have done extraordinary things that may positively separate you from the other applicants seeking the same position it’s worth Mentioning.

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Big 4 Internship Salary

Going by Glassdoor’s value, the Big 4 firm that remits its interns with median monthly pay , offers a salary of up to $4,825. The Black and Yellow, was said to be at the 17th position overall. EY is closely followed by Deloitte which is at the 19th position with median monthly pay of up to $4,667. As of the KPMG internship and PwC , they both tied with a median monthly pay worth up to $4,500. On the other hand, P. Dubs was rated to stand at the 21st position while the House of Klynveld is at 22nd position.
Here is the complete list of the highest paid 25 internship opportunities:

  1. Facebook internship: worth up to $8,000
  2. Amazon internship: $7,725
  3. Salesforce internship: worth up to $7,667
  4. Google internship: worth up to $7,500
  5. Microsoft internship: worth up to $7,250
  6. Uber internship: worth up to $7,167
  7. Bloomberg L.P. internship: worth up to $7,000
  8. Capital One internship: worth up to $7,000
  9. Apple internship: worth up to $6,667
  10. Bank of America internship: worth up to $5,833
  11. J.P. Morgan internship: worth up to $5,667
  12. Goldman Sachs internship: worth up to $5,367
  13. Viasat internship: worth up to $5,333
  14. Visa Inc.: internship: worth up to $5,167
  15. Intel Corp.internship: worth up to $5,000
  16. SAP internship: worth up to $4,833
  17. EY internship: worth up to $4,825
  18. Tesla internship: worth up to $4,667
  19. Deloitte internship: worth up to $4,667
  20. Cisco Systems internship: worth up to $4,667
  21. PwC: $4,500
  22. KPMG: $4,500
  23. Genentech internship: worth up to $4,500
  24. Dell internship: worth up to $4,333
  25. Boeing internship: worth up to $4,167

ey internship acceptance rate

The EY internship acceptance rate is roughly at 5%. This figure is  changing because the host company is recruiting more people on an annual basis and there are more than 16,000 jobs which are open to be filled this year.

Is it hard to get to EY?

EY (Ernest& Young) internship program is in the list of the Big Four accounting companies internship programs and of course their hiring process is a tough one, it is very competitive. It is hard to get to EY but it is not impossible. All the Applicants who wish to scale through should be prepared to beat the rest, you would be screened in multiple rounds of interviews to be fit for consideration and EY looks out for those graduates who passed out  from some of the acclaimed global academic institutions

What is the retention rate for EY interns?

Getting an internship at EY may be the breakthrough you need in your life as their retention rate is quite high. The company offers a individual care and they are ready to covert more than 90 percent of their internship students into permanent staff. That is to say, the retention rate at EY internship is 90%


What is the Big 4 internship acceptance rate?

Big 4 acceptance equates to about 11%

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