Top 80+ Scholarships For Blind Students 2022

Top 80+ Scholarships For Blind Students_ Are you visually impaired? Or do you have family member (s)  or friends who are visually impaired and is seeking to secure a scholarship opportunity? This content rides you through many scholarship opportunities available for international blind students to utilize. They are many opportunities for blind students spread throughout the globe, due to their visual-impairedness they miss out of these opportunities. This article will be listing the top scholarship opportunities every visually impaired student can utilize and study abroad, kindly read on!

Why Scholarships For Blind Students is Crucial?

Although the overall process for admission and study may be extremely stressful for persons who are blind and other low-visioned students, they may have a better opportunity when it comes to settling the rising costs of post-secondary education many thanks to the various scholarship programs available for visually impaired students.As modern technology is in the vain of making the world an easier place to maneuver for the blinds and individuals with sight-related disabilities, the collegiate institutions are also becoming more welcoming to the visually impaired with the aid of audio textbooks, touch-based navigation, as well as easy-access dormitories they provide Scholarships For Blind Students.

Scholarships For Blind Students

The following are the top most generous scholarships opportunities that have been created to empower the visually impaired students for Passing post-secondary education level.

  1. Al Camp Memorial Scholar
  2. American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) – Entry Point!, Visit the website for more.
  3. AmericanAssociation of Health and Disability Scholarships_ for More on this visit the website
  4. Councilsof the Blind – National Scholarship Program
  5. American Council of the Blind of Ohio – Nola Webb-McKinney Scholarship +visit the website for more
  6. American Council of the Blind – State Affiliates
  7. AmericanFoundation for the Blind
  8. Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association – Disabled War Veterans Scholarships program.
  9. Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association – for MG Eugene C. Renzi, USA (Ret.)
  10. Mantech International Corporation Teacher’s Scholarship
  11. Association for Education and Rehabilitation of the Blind and Visually Impaired – William and Dorothy Ferrell Scholarship
  12. Association for the Education and Rehabilitation of the Blind and Visually Impaired of Ohio
  13. The David H. Newmeyer Post-Secondary Scholarship for Visually Impaired Students
  14. The Association of Blind Citizens
  15. The Bank of America Abilities Scholarship Program
  16. BenjaminA. Gilman International Scholarship Program
  17. The Blinded Veterans Association (BVA)
  18. – Mouse Hole Scholarship Program
  19. California Association on Post-Secondary Education and Disability (CAPED)
  20. California State University Foundation – The Schoettler Scholars Program
  21. ChicagoLighthouse
  22. ChristianRecord Services – Ann Lowe Memorial Scholarships
  23. The Council of Citizens with Low Vision International – Fred Scheigert Scholarship and The Carl Foley Graduate Scholarship Program
  24. DeltaGamma Foundation –
  25. RuthBillow Memorial
  26. Education Fund
  27. DisabledPerson, Inc. –
  28. DisabledPerson National Scholarship Competition
  29. DominicanCollege at San Rafael Ethel Louise Armstrong Foundation, Inc. – ELA Foundation Scholarships
  30. The Florida Council of the Blind
  31. FordhamUniversity Law School – Amy Reiss Blind Student Scholarship
  32. Freedom Scientific, Inc.
  33. Freedom Scientific Technology Award Program Friends-in-Art
  34. Foundation for Sight and Sound – Help America See
  35. Low Vision Scholarship and Help America See Blind Student Scholarship
  36. George Mason University -The Barry and Velma Berkey Scholarship
  37. Georgia Council of the Blind -Al Camp Memorial Scholarship
  38. Google Lime Scholarship for Students with Disabilities
  39. Incight Resources for Self- Empowerment – Incight Scholarship for All Disability Groups
  40. JBIInternational – The Nathan L. and Suzanne K. Wolfson
  41. Fund Merit Award Program for College Students who are Blind or Visually Impaired
  42. JulietteRP Vision Foundation College Scholarship
  43. LasikPlus”My Vision” Essay Scholarship
  44. Learning Ally – Marion Huber
  45. LearningThrough Listening Learning Ally – Mary P.Oenslager Scholastic Achievement Awards
  46. LighthouseGuild – College Bound and Graduate School Scholarship Program
  47. LimeConnect and BMO Capital Markets – Equality through Education Scholarships for Students with Disabilities
  48. LionsClub International Mays Mission for the Handicapped, Inc.
  49. MinnesotaTuition Exemption for Blind/Deaf Students
  50. National Association for Equal Opportunity in Higher Education – Inclusion Scholars Program
  51. National Federation of Music Clubs – Joyce Walsh Junior Disability Awards
  52. National Federation of the Blind Scholarship Program
  53. National Federation of the Blind of Washington – Hazel ten Broek Merit Scholarship and Beverly Prows Memorial Scholarship
  54. NationalIndustries for the Blind – Joseph Roeder Assistive Technology Scholarship
  55. NationalPress Club – Scholarship for Journalism Diversity
  56. NationalTour Foundation Tourism Cares – Yellow Ribbon Scholarship
  57. New Outlook Pioneers – Joe Cleres Memorial Scholarships
  58. NorthernArizona University – *Emily Marie Benson Memorial Scholarship
  59. Ohio State University – The Ohio Lions Foundation/Helen Keller Scholarship Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities Council – Karla M.
  60. LortzMemorial Scholarships Order Sons of Italy in America NY Grand Lodge Foundation
  61. OttoSussman Trust
  62. Samara Scholarship Fund for the Visually Impaired and Blind Students Scholarship
  63. America – USA Funds Access to Education Scholarships
  64. Second Sense (Guild for theBlind) – Joan P. Hussey William F. Lynch Scholarship
  65. Richard Fund& A. Perritt Scholarship Fund
  66. The See the Future Fund -Education for Life College Scholarships
  67. The See the Future Fund -Kane/STF Scholarship
  68. Sophia’sHeart – Sophia L.Gokey Scholarship Award
  69. South Dakota Board of Regents – South Dakota Free Tuition and Fees for Impaired Persons
  70. United States Association of Blind Athletes (USABA) –
  71. ArthurE. Copeland Scholarship for Males and Helen Copeland Scholarship for Females
  72. University of California at Berkeley – Albert Newman Fellowship for Visually Impaired Students
  73. University of Georgia -Gregory Charles Johnson Scholarship, Margaret Towson Scholarship and Lauren Melissa Kelly Award
  74. University of Southern California – Swim with Mike Very Special Arts (VSA)
  75. Association for the Education and Rehabilitation of the Blind and Visually Impaired
  76. American Foundation for the Blind Scholarships
  77. Vision Corps Foundation
  78. The Jewish Guild for the Blind GuildScholar Program
  79. Visually Impaired Data Processors International * Kelly Cannon Memorial Scholarship
  80. The Washington Center for Internships and Academic Seminars – Scholarship Program for Students with Disabilities
  81. Washington State Department of Services for the Blind – Shirley A. Smith Scholarship
  82. Western Michigan University Wisconsin Council of the Blind – Lloyd P. Foote Scholarship Fund


This is not the exclusive list of all the available scholarship programs for blind students, however we advise that you keep in touch with us as we will update the list in due time. Scholarships For Blind Students_ As modern technology is in the vain of making the world an easier place to maneuver for the blinds and individuals with sight-related disabilities, these institutions are also becoming more welcoming to the visually impaired with the aid of audio textbooks, touch-based navigation, as well as easy-access dormitories. Please visit the individual websites for each scholarship opportunity to get more information about the Scholarships For Blind Students, do well to share to your family and friends. Stay tuned to for more updates.



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