Philippines Civil Service Exam Preparation Guide 2024

Philippines Civil Service Exam Prep | Is the Philippines Civil Service Exam Hard?

Do you wish to begin a career in the civil service? Or Are you a Philippine who is already serving in the civil service but needs to gain office promotions? If your answer is yes, you should know how vital the civil service exam is to your search.

We Also understand how scary it is to take the exam, especially for students who have never taken it before. You’re probably checking how hard it might be for you. Worry no more as this article covers everything you need to know about the Philippines civil service exam. We’ll also give out the very helpful tips you need in order to pass the Philippines civil service exam.

Why go into the Civil Service?

In every career path, there’s a primary requirement, and for choosing to work in any government office, the civil service exam is crucial to your promotion. According to a survey conducted by JobStreet back in the year 2017, up to 77 percent of the 16,425 persons who participated in the exam expressed their desire to serve the public sector. What drives many Of the participants is the competitive salaries of public service work, job stability, as well as several juicy benefits (including some types of allowances).

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Philippines Civil Service Examination /Enrollment, First Step to Working in the Philippines Civil Services

  • One of the initial steps is taking and passing the civil service examination. More formally called the Career Service Examination or in short CSE, this test generally checks your readiness to serve in the public sector. It is to be administered by the Civil Service Commission (CSC) situated across the country.

Bear in mind that Taking this exam is not in any way a requirement to run for public office in the Philippines. But we encourage you to read on to get more details on why it should be.

What Happens if you pass the Philippines Civil Service Exam?

For the Subprofessional Civil Service Exam type, once you have scaled through this exam, you will acquire the Career Service Subprofessional Eligibility which now makes you fit to work in any first-level government position, such as clerical work, trade works, crafts, as well as custodial work.

Study and Pass the Philippines Civil Service Exam the Right Way

The Ultimate Guide on How to Study Effectively.

Your success and achievement on the test day does not only rely on how many study hours you push in while preparing but also on whether you have gathered information the right way

  • It is crucial to check along the way to refer whether your studying is worthwhile. There are many Philippines Civil Service practice methods to select from, but any of the most reliable is taking Philippines Civil Service practice tests .Practice tests are important because they analyze exactly where you are required to improve prior to the exam date.

Every time you run a Philippines Civil Service practice test,be advised to pay keen attention to these 3 groups of questions:

  • The Civil Service practice questions you got wrong
  • The question you had to guess on, even if you have luckily guessed right
  • The ones that is difficult for you or the ones that are slow to work through

This will tell you exactly what your weak point areas are, and the aspects you need to devote much of your study time.

  • Also Ask yourself why each of these practice questions gave you much trouble. Was it difficult to understand the study material? Or was it because you can’t recall the vocabulary? Do you need to get more repetitions on this kind of question to help you accelerate your speed and confidence to deal with them?

Dig into the practice questions and find out how you can eliminate your weak areas as you return to review the study material.

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Strategy to Ace the Philippines Civil Service Exam Practice/Main Exam

When you’re prepared to begin taking the practice tests, make sure to follow the Philippines Civil Service exam practice strategies highlighted below;

  • Remove all kinds of Limitations. Take the first practice test with little or no time constraints and you can do this with your notes and Civil Service study guide. You can Take your time and focus on utilizing the best strategies you have learned.
  • Make sure to Time Yourself.

Use the second practice test tagged the “open book” test as well but make sure to set a timer and practice keeping yourself steady to round up in time.

  • Simulate Test Day.

Make sure to Take any other practice test you see as if it were the original test day. Always Set a timer and keep away all your study materials. You can Sit at a table or desk but make sure to do that in a quiet room, imagine yourself being at the test venue, and solve the questions as fast as possible .

  • Keep Practicing, Don’t Stop

Make sure to Keep taking the practice tests on a regular basis till after you run out of the practice tests or it’s period for the actual test.

Your mind should be ready and active for the schedule and the entire stress of the civil service exam test day, and you will be able to aim at recalling the study material you’ve learned.

How Hard is the Philippines Civil Service Exam?

In general, the civil service exam is mostly easier compared to some other similar exams, but it still narrows down to how well you get prepared for the exam.
This gives the reason why many bright minds have failed the civil service exams because they lack the adequate preparations needed. So, while it’s important to be confident in your personal ability and endowment, never make the mistake of not preparing at all or slightly for the exam.

Also, The tips we’ve given in this article will assist you in hitting the average passing score in the Philippines civil service exams much easier. Also, endeavor to use the approved study materials when you are studying for the exams and begin early enough so you can have ample time to finish everything that is required to be covered.

Eligibility and Requirements for the Civil Service Exam

Aside from the course requirements for the Professional CSE, there are the primary qualifications needed to take the Philippines civil service examination. You are expected to:

  • Be a registered Filipino citizen
  • Be at least 18 years old during the exam application period.
  • You must Have no criminal record, and you should not have any dismissal record from the government as well as the military service. You can download the application forms at

What should I study for the Philippines Civil Service Exam Philippines?

Mathematics, and others. The Civil Service Examination usually encompass basic math terms which were already taught while at your high school days or even in primary levels;

  • Study your Vocabulary.
  • Grammer
  • Word Analogy
  • Logic
  • Reading comprehension
  • Paragraph organization.
  • Number series.

Reminders and Necessary Things to bring to the Philippines Service Exam Venue

Before the exact date for the Philippines Civil Service Exam, make sure to know the particular venue of your own civil service exam, which is Mostly a school facility in your area. You can always check and print the registration notice ” Online Notice of School Assignment (ONSA)” by visiting the CSC website about 2 weeks prior to the exam date. Below are some of the crucial reminders for the examination day:

  • Put on appropriate attire. That is to say no sleeveless tops, no shorts, or slippers should be worn.
  • Be at the venue early enough. The venues open usually by 6:00 a.m. and closes by 7:30 a.m.
  • Come along with a valid ID ( better to bring the one you submitted during application). Also, if your ID Do no’t show your birthdate, come along with a PSA copy of your birth certificate.
  • come with your Application Receipt bearing the corresponding Official Receipt (if they are available) also bring your ONSA.
  • come with a black ballpoint pen , do not come with gel pens, sign /fountain pens, friction pens, and/or other kinds of colored pens.
  • If you’re coming with a beverage, ensure that it’s in a transparent container. You can come with candies or biscuits, too, that is if you will need some of them while taking the test. (Note that these items will be thoroughly inspected on site.)
  • Pay keen attention to the instructions and guidelines of the proctor. There will be measures set to discourage cheating, such as keeping ones belongings in front of the room. There will also be other documents to be filled out aside from the regular examination answer sheet, such as Examinee Attendance Sheet and the Civil service exam Picture-Seat Plan.
  • Gadgets such as smartphones, calculators, as well as other aids are purely prohibited. So don’t come with them

Final Thoughts on Service Examination Preparations

We believe that the tips and tricks we’ve given in this connection will assist you in getting at least an average passing score in the Philippines civil service exams much easier. Also, make sure that you make use of the approved study materials when you are reading for the exams and begin early enough so you can have excess time to finish everything that is required to be covered. Good luck!


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