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Best HVAC Training & Certification In Nigeria | HVAC Repair Cost in Nigeria – This content will let you know about the available HVAC training and certification in Nigeria and the cost to repair/replace HVAC in Nigeria. HVAC an acronym which represents heating, ventilation and air conditioning. This is the technology of indoor & vehicular comfort. Persons who are known as HVAC technicians are addressed as heating, air conditioning & refrigeration mechanics, they are saddled with the responsibility of working on these systems in various buildings and vehicles. The HVAC certification is tagged to be under the area of electromechanical engineering but persons who did not gain degrees in engineering are eligible to gain the skill via professional training and they can become certified.

In an economy witnessing recession like that of Nigeria, it will be an added advantage for you to go an extra mile in enrolling into trainings to gain more skills to make a lucrative living. Even when you don’t have an educational background in engineering, you are free to attend a training and certification course to work as a HVAC mechanic. This article gives a run down of how you can make your dreams of becoming an HVAC mechanic a reality ;

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Top HVAC Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC) Certification Courses in Nigeria


This certificate course will give a better introduction to the concept of air condition and refrigeration system, it is a crucial course to take for maintenance technicians, for the multi crafts trade personnel, ventilation, building managers, for heating and for sir conditioning technicians Including anyone who is searching to improve His or her AC & R operation & maintenance skills.


This course gives students the insight about the procedures and practices to avert disaster, it offers them the avenue to understand the commercial system, industrial system and utility boiler systems to take care of the safety dependability and to maximize efficiency.


This course is administered as a combination of the one and two courses above. The air conditioning course and refrigeration course is joined with the Boiler operations maintenance, the safety and they are to be administered as one course, it combines the objectives of the two courses into one.


This is a course that was created for any worker that needs to work with air distribution systems. It offers the basics of HVAC electrical controls via the air distribution methods and troubleshooting. It also lectures students on the steps to control their electrical controls, on the methods to use In the fundamental air distribution, on how they can achieve consistency, comfort and the efficiency in the heating, ventilation as well as in the air conditioning of buildings, plants including facilities.


This is a course that lectures students on the components that are used in chilled water systems, their uses and the application of chilled water system to mention but a few. It is of value to a person who is seeking knowledge on the chillers, cooling towers as well as on any other chilled water systems.

Top Best Institutions to Get HVAC Training & Certification In Nigeria


This establishment is based in Lagos state . It is an engineering consulting firm that offers the service of technical training, it recruits technical personnel, it also renders engineering consulting services to every industry.

The firm is made up of a team of professionals with set aims and objectives at empowering Nigerian technicians with the needed technical skills which they sensed to be lacking amongst the Nigerian Technical team. Personal who are ready to learn and upgrade their individual skills for the development/improvement of their career are called to register for trainings.


This firm serves as a representative of Nigeria in the heating,ventilation and air conditioning engineering limited which is sited in Aberdeen, United Kingdom . It offers a core range of harsh and extreme environment HVAC services and it has the equipments that are needed for both hazardous areas and non-hazardous areas. They offer services in industrial skill and management training across different countries. In Nigeria you can find them at Port Harcourt. rivers state capital. So interested candidates are encouraged to contact the company by applying via the inquiry form on the company’s website


This institution is an establishment that works in conjunction with exceptional professional engineering consults to undergo a heat, ventilation and air conditioning training program for interested persons in Lagos state.

A four-day course is usually programmed to take place from the 31st day of October till the 1st day of November for a fee of up to (#110,000) one hundred and ten thousand naira only. You can reach the company online and inquires can be made by reaching their call centers.


This engineering company organizes a facility management and master craft program which is set to equip individuals with the needed skills, necessary tools, certificates as well as relevant work experience needed to begin and develop a successful career. Intended applicants will be expected to write an exam and to pass through an interview process before admission if they are successful. Qualified candidates are the fresh engineering technology and persons who are science graduates from Polytechnics and Universities, also graduates of other study areas who are with at least a year of experience in HVAC can apply, secondary school certificate holders who have bagged 5 credits including mathematics and English language can apply. Moreover OND holders in any study area with about 3 years of work experience in the needed field can apply.

The program registration fee is up to (#265,000) two hundred and sixty-five thousand naira which does not include a non-refundable application fee of up to (#70,500) seven thousand five hundred naira. The training is usually scheduled to hold for up to three months, this is followed by six months of internship at the work place and practicals. Registration are now in progress, find more details by visiting


Sited in Kaduna state, this school also offers a course in heating, ventilation and air conditioning and they are approved by the Nigerian CAA. It is in the list of the best engineering institutes to study if you wish to read in the northern part of Nigeria.

What is the Cost of an Air Conditioner Replacement/Repair in Nigeria?

The cost of replacement and repair for an air conditioner for a residential home is estimated to stand between $4,350 to $12,095. This cost will also cover the labor and permit fees. This range also sees for a wide range of system layouts and degree s of sophistication, plus variable speed AC systems.

The factors are considered while checking the price of your air conditioner repair/ replacement include:

  • The Capacity or the power of the particular system Efficiency
  • The HVAC equipment in question
  • Modifications made to your existing system
  • Line set protection
  • The cost of Installation
  • Tax credits including rebates

Requirements For HVAC Programs in Nigeria

Before you can engage in the HVAC training, you are expected to meet the following criteria:

  • HND/Bachelor’s of Science in the area of Mechanical Engineering or Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical aptitude
  • Strong communication skills
  • Good work ethic

The HVAC Training Duration is for 3 Months and the Mode of Delivery is via Classroom, workshop and site participation. Most times the Program Fee is ₦150,000. The Program Take-off is from March 13, 2023 and the Application Deadline: March 3, 2023. The Mode of Application remains Online.


That’s it all about the HVAC courses, certifications and providers in Nigeria, we also made you know about the cost of replacement and repair for an air conditioner in Nigeria. If you happen to know about any other institution in Nigeria that are not highlighted in this article but offers HVAC courses and certifications, do well to let us know in the comment section.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best certification for HVAC in Nigeria?

Employers mostly considers Certified HVAC Technicians

What is the highest level of HVAC certification?

Master Specialist certifications are the most regarded credential available to technicians via the HVAC Excellence programs.

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