How Long Does Cedar Siding Last?

How Long Does Cedar Siding Last?: Cedar siding is a form of wood siding that gives your home a natural look while smoothly blending with your immediate environment. Also known as cedar shakes or cedar shingles, cedar siding is built to contain different kinds of stains and textures to completely provide that perfect look to your home according to your taste. 

Wood siding is beautiful and durable, and you can get quality ones within your budget. Cedar siding serves as a fantastic natural substitute for other forms of siding on the market, like vinyl or fiber cement.

In this piece, we will let you know the maximum number of years your cedar siding can last. We will also explore the different factors that can affect the lifespan of your cedar siding, providing you with all the tips and tricks that would help you extend the lifespan of your cedar siding so that it maintains its beauty for many years to come. Read on!

How long does cedar siding last?

If installed and maintained properly, your cedar siding should have up to twenty to forty years of average shelf life. That is to say, with proper care and maintenance, it can even last longer.

You don’t have to worry about the maintenance steps, as they have been well outlined in the rest of this article. Just read carefully!

How long does painted cedar siding last?

When you paint or coat your cedar siding the right way, it can turn into a long-lasting asset, lasting up to 1–15 years beyond the normal lifespan of cedar siding.

Painting cedar siding is one sure way to extend the lifespan of the wood and to protect the cedarwood. Many people also stain cedar siding to achieve the same purpose.

Here are factors you might consider when painting cedar siding.

  1. Go for the high-quality finishes and primers that are made up of mold and mildew inhibitors, as they are perfect for preventing the growth of mold and termites.
  2. Consider an alkyd-oil-based primer, as it is needed to protect the wood painting against any form of discoloration and maintain beauty.
  3. You may want to go for a darker-colored paint, as the light-colored ones are easier to faint.
  4. Purchase paints that are highly elastic, as they have better retention power.
  5. Consider two applications of coatings for thickness.
  6. Wait patiently for the moisture content of the cedar to dry before you start applying paint.

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How to Make Your Cedar Siding Last Longer: Follow these simple steps!

1: By routine inspection of the exterior of your home, check for damages and changes.

Look out for any form of pest or animal damage. It is true that most pest damage takes time to show, but there are signs that should let you know that something is wrong. Moreover, termite damage can occur quickly, depending on the colony size and population.

2: Get rid of dust and dirt by cleaning the cedar siding regularly.

If your home starts to appear dirty, unkept, and discolored, then consider taking a deep cleanup routine. You can get rid of the dust and dirt from cedarwood siding at once by using a pressure washer, or you can manually scrub it with a sponge or brush.

3: Maintenance and Monitoring

Prior to the installation of the cedarwood siding, you organized your home in such a way that moisture would not have access to the wood.

To achieve this,

  1. Consider applying a waterproof barrier or a wrap before initiating the installation process.
  2. Prime the siding pieces prior to installing, and ensure to pay close attention to the top and bottom areas that are porous, as they may be loopholes for the entry of moisture.
  3. As earlier stated, coating is a perfect way of maintaining cedar. You may want to seek the help of a technician when doing this.

Is cedar siding hard to maintain?

The answer is yes!

Even though cedar siding is stronger than pine, it is actually one of the weakest materials when likened to other types of siding on the market. To maintain cedar siding, you should know that the installation process is as important as the making itself, and keeping it clean would make it last for an extra few years.

How does one know when cedar siding needs to be replaced?

Although cedar is said to be resistant to folding, when placed in a moist area, it can get damp, and these changes can lead to warping. When you notice these abnormalities, you should know that the cedar siding should be replaced as soon as possible.

Also, rot underneath the siding, especially dry rot, is a sign that you should replace cedar siding.

Is cedar siding expensive to get?

Cedar is pocket-friendly; you can get them at $5–7 per square foot. The process of installing and setting it up is less demanding when compared to fiber-cement siding.

What are the problems associated with the use of cedar siding?

1 It is not everlasting; it can spoil anytime if not maintained.


After installing freshly built siding on your home, your goal should be that it can last a long time and possibly become a permanent fixture. But this is not so, as cedar siding can only last for a specified period of time, and to even get to that level, you must properly keep it maintained at all times. Some require replacement after 10 to 15 years of installation, and even when maintained with all the professional care, your cedar siding may only last for 20 to 50 years in good climate areas.

2 High cost of maintenance


Maintaining cedar siding is an issue, and if not taken into consideration, durability is a story. For the siding to be used as long as you want it, you have to scrape and paint it on a yearly interval. This step is very crucial to prevent the buildup of moisture, which would damage them. In addition, cedar can start to chip, fade, and peel off its original look so that your home begins to lose its perfect appearance within a period of time. When this happens, the cost of reselling will be reduced.

3 The Concern for Environmental Impact

The impact of products on the environment is a vital consideration to put into place when selecting any material to be used for your home. Cedar siding can come as a natural material, which may not likely need a special routine disposal method, but the chemicals you use in coating and installing it can still have negative impacts on the external environment; hence, more research is being carried out to ascertain if they are truly environmentally friendly.

Final Thoughts

By following a well-organized maintenance flow, which includes keeping it clean, applying protective coatings, checking for damages, and moisture control, cedar siding can be made to last longer than it should. Additionally, we advise that you seek the advice of professionals who would inspect and guide you through the installation and maintenance process to identify issues with the siding early enough and to offer firsthand recommendations, as these would help in extending the lifespan of the cedar siding.

Please bear in mind that these strategies can only help your cedar siding remain beautiful and durable for a few extra years beyond its original lifespan.

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